Myofaszialenketten in der Esalen Massage

The core element of deep bodywork lies more in our ability to perceive and feel, than in the use of techniques. The detection of the musculo-ligamento-fascial connections is fundamental for the understanding of how the whole body functions.

The myofascial chains enable the human being to adapt to the "load" they carry. The function of the individual muscle is only interested in the light of these super ordinate connections. So it is not surprising that the same muscle can perform opposite functions.

By introducing the world of myofascial muscle chains to students, it becomes possible to understand any larger patterns of the structural relationships of the body. Using different methods, you can then resolve these patterns. In this course, the influence of the statics, congestion, adhesions and tensions by the connective tissue is discussed.

A healthy statics is the comfortable result of the dialogue between the body (structure and function) and body content (physical - mental - mental aspects). The course teaches the experience of myofascial muscle chains in deep bodywork, body-development and techniques to treat any ailment.




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Rolf Rowedder

Dates Teaching Hours Course Fee In-class hours
1. - 3. Dec. 2017
Fr. 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Sa. & So. 9:30am - 5:30 pm
CHF 500.-20
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Currie Prescott, KursleiterInn von The Center Rolf Rowedder

In 1995 hat er seine Ausbildung am Esalen European Center in Zürich bei Currie Prescott als Esalen Practioner abgeschlossen. Weitere Ausbildungen absovierte Rolf in der Seitenlage mit Ray Swartly , in more

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